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Introducing Children to Preparedness

It can be difficult introducing children to preparedness… We all want our children to be ready for anything, yet we do not want to add unnecessary fear. Determining how to teach your child about the realities of the world today and possible future scenarios for which they need to be prepared is not easy, but […]

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Maintaining a good stock of food is something many people who are preparing for anything do regularly. First in, first out, maintain a certain level of storage, replace items as they are eaten. This is all normal prepping food storage. But what about comfort foods? An awesome example of this is a simple question my […]

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Protect Your Child’s Online Presence

As a parent, I believe it is my responsibility and my DUTY to protect my children from all sorts of dangers. Whether it be “stranger danger,” serious injury, or the threat of a natural disaster, it is my job to keep my children safe. But what about online safety? It has recently come to my […]

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Let’s Talk Gas Masks

Gas masks are a great thing to have for those of us who are worried about the future, live near major cities that could be targets, or just want to be prepared for absolutely anything. I realize most people already know about gas masks in general, so what I really want to highlight here are […]

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Our world today is so centered on electronics that it’s hard to imagine a post SHTF life without all our toys. All the fun electronics that occupy us (and at times, our children) when we’re bored or have a few minutes to spare, will have dead batteries within a few days (max). So then what? […]

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Activities and Fun

Scared children make a stressful situation exponentially worse. If you have children, you need to plan for their sanity as well as your own. Obviously, if you are staying at home when SHTF, your children will have all their usual toys, but you need to consider the possibility of having to leave (more…)

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