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Venison Jerky

Jerky is a great SHTF snack, as it can last well over a year if it’s in vacuum sealed bags. I personally love venison jerky! This is how I make my jerky, fairly simple recipe, easy to make. I tend to keep it simple when it comes to my jerky recipes, as that’s how my […]

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Maintaining a good stock of food is something many people who are preparing for anything do regularly. First in, first out, maintain a certain level of storage, replace items as they are eaten. This is all normal prepping food storage. But what about comfort foods? An awesome example of this is a simple question my […]

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Berkey Water Filtration System

Water filtration is a hot topic these days, especially considering how many unnecessary elements are in tap water. Did you know you can look up what elements are currently found in your county’s tap water, and at what levels those elements are found? Simply search for your county name and water quality online and you […]

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Dry Canning Rice

Dry canning is a great way to make sure your grains keep much longer than just having them in the plastic bag in which you purchased them. Dry canning removes any bacteria from the rice, along with any bug eggs. To dry can rice, fill jars with rice leaving about 1/2 inch head space. Place […]

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Are Your Pets Prepped?

Yes, your pets, and in some cases (like mine) your other children. Are you fully prepared for their needs should something happens that requires you to stay put or leave immediately? If not, it is certainly something to consider. When people talking about prepping for a worst case scenario, beans, bullets and bandaids come up […]

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Canned Carrots

I also managed to get some carrots canned over the weekend, almost 6 pounds of them! When I canned my carrots, I used a pressure canner, as it’s recommended to do so for vegetables and some other items that are not naturally acidic like most fruits. Here’s how to can carrots.. super quick and easy! […]

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