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The Importance of Walking

Walking is something that is often overlooked when considering preparing for the worst. Being able to walk long distances without becoming fatigued is important when it comes to all the different things a person may need to be able to accomplish when SHTF. Right now, many of us sit behind a desk for at least […]

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VIDEO: Are Ebola cases being covered up?

A recent interview Alex Jones conducted with Dr. James Lawrenzi suggests that certain people in government may be covering up Ebola cases. Excerpts from the interview, if you’re not able to watch the entire video, can be found at A doctor has exclusively revealed to Infowars that health authorities are covering up Ebola cases […]

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Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is one of those things… I see some people use it like it’s going out of style, and some people never use it at all. I definitely do not use it to the extreme, but I certainly use it in many situations. I always carry a small bottle with me to use at […]

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Preparing for Medical Emergencies

Preparing for possible medical scenarios may be one of the most important things we can all prepare for when it comes to considering the future. Aside from simply stocking up on medications currently being taken by anyone within the household, being prepared to handle other things could also be of extreme importance at some point […]

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Sleeping When It Hits

This is something that I have thought about quite a lot. Sleeping when it hits. Weird thing to think about, because sleep tends to come naturally in everyday life. But when something catastrophic actually happens, will sleep (and being awake when required) actually come naturally? Consider a disaster scenario… let’s just run with the aftermath […]

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