Disclosure and Privacy

When It Hits is a blog written and edited by me, for the sole purpose to provide readers my views on preparing, current events, and anything else associated with prepping for the possibility of catastrophic events. I cannot make any guarantees that doing the things on this site will ensure your 100% survival in a zombie apocalypse, but I do know that having supplies makes life easier in about a zillion different ways.Please note that whenithits.com does have financial relationships with some of the merchants discussed within blog posts or whose ads appear on the blog. This means that the whenithits.com owner (that would be me) may be monetarily compensated if readers/consumers choose to purchase advertised items or utilize the links located throughout the content to generate a sale for said merchant. Clicking any ad or link is the decision of each visitor to this site, and visitors will in no way be compensated for clicking anything.



Do we collect your information?
Yes! When you enter your information to make a comment, we now have that information!

What do we do with that information?
Only what is intended to be done with it. Information required to comment on a blog post is there for the sole purpose of enabling us to determine that you are not a bot or spam. We do nothing else with the information provided for comment.

Do we share your information with anyone else?
Absolutely not! We do not sell the information of anyone who uses our site. That information is solely for comment moderation and approval.

Could my information get to another company from your site?
It is possible. We are affiliated with some sites that sell products. By clicking product links within a post you will be taken to another company’s website. From there, it would be up to you if sign in on that site or not. If you do not, they will not know who you are, but if you do sign in to another site, then they obviously know you.

What happens to my privacy when I leave your site and go to another link?
If you click on a link from whenithits.com, it is your responsibility to read any privacy policies/disclosure statements from the site on which you clicked. Each site/store/service has a privacy policy all its own.

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