CDC Deletes Ebola Page on Transmission

The CDC needs to get its story straight, if you ask me. Can Ebola be transmitted through a cough or sneeze? Yes. No. Yes. No… Wait, we’re “updating” that information. Please stand by to find out how you can (or can’t) contract this deadly virus. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Extremely odd. Check out this article from The Gateway Pundit:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention took down a page this week explaining how Ebola can be spread though coughing, sneezing and sex.
The CDC page now bears this message:

“The What’s the difference between infections spread through air or by droplets? Fact sheet is being updated and is currently unavailable. Please visit for up-to-date information on Ebola.”

So what’s really going on and why does the CDC need to revise their informational fact sheet on how Ebola is spread?

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