Number of Passengers in Ebola Probe Increases to 750

It appears nobody knows up from down when it comes to the Ebola virus and it’s possible spread here in the United States. The CDC is expanding their inquiry to include passengers on the flight with the nurse, Amber Vinson, from Dallas to Ohio. This is a whole new set of people.

As ABC News reports:

Dr. Chis Braden of the CDC said Thursday that health officials are investigating whether Amber Vinson had symptoms as far back as Saturday. He says they can’t rule out that she may “have had the start of her illness on Friday.”

Not to mention the airplane on which Amber Vinson flew also had other flights, which means more people with possible exposure.

A CBS article on this issue states:

Frontier Airlines is expanding the circle of passengers being notified that they flew with a nurse who later tested positive for Ebola, or flew on a later flight using the same plane.

The airline said that it would contact passengers on seven flights, not just the two flights the nurse took.

As the net is cast wider and wider, there can be no doubt that some level of fear and panic will spread. This can be worse than the actual catastrophe at hand. We will try to keep everyone updated on any new developments as they come out.

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