Obama Set to Ban Popular Bullets…

ammoA ban on rifles is a virtual impossibility. So what’s the next best thing the Obama administration can think of? A ban on one of the most popular bullets for the AR-15 via executive action. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives wants to fast-track ATF FRAMEWORK FOR DETERMINING WHETHER CERTAIN PROJECTILES ARE “PRIMARILY INTENDED FOR SPORTING PURPOSES” WITHIN THE MEANING OF 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(17)(C), a.k.a. the ban, on popular 5.56 ammo, which could cause issues at major sporting retailers all over the country.

An article from the Washington Examiner explains:

“The Obama administration was unable to ban America’s most popular sporting rifle through the legislative process, so now it’s trying to ban commonly owned and used ammunition through regulation,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director of the NRA-ILA, the group’s policy and lobby shop. “The NRA and our tens of millions of supporters across the country will fight to stop President Obama’s latest attack on our Second Amendment freedoms.”

At issue is so-called “armor-piercing” ammunition, an exemption for those bullets mostly used for sport by AR-15 owners, and the recent popularity of pistol-style ARs that use the ammo.

The inexpensive 5.56 M885 ammo, commonly called green tips, have been exempt for years, as have higher-caliber ammunition that also easily pierces the type of soft armor worn by police, because it’s mostly used by target shooters, not criminals. The agency proposes to reclassify it as armor-piercing and not exempt.

An excerpt from the previously mentioned ATF FRAMEWORK states:

From the perspective of law enforcement, however, the most relevant intent is that of a criminal who seeks to use ammunition capable of penetrating body armor when fired from a handgun. If ammunition containing the metal content enumerated in section 921(a)(17)(B)(i) can be used in a handgun — the type of firearm most frequently used by criminals whom police officers encounter on the streets — then, from the law enforcement perspective, the manufacturer’s intent that the ammunition be used for hunting or target shooting (in rifles or handguns) becomes irrelevant. The mere availability of handguns capable of using the ammunition made of the enumerated metals creates the potential for diversion to criminals who could use it in easily concealed firearms to defeat the protective vests worn by police officers

Criminals never follow the law. So why is it appropriate to take things away from the average law abiding citizen just to hand criminals another law to break? It makes no sense and is a clear intrusion on our rights. Executive actions are the only way to move unpopular things along, completely ignoring the fact that our “for the people” government is going completely against what the people actually want and need.

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