Politics – a poem

The world of politics is a strange one for sure
You must pay attention, but it can be a bore.

I’ve written this poem to express my true anger.
Not that it’s pertinent when our rights are in danger.

On the East coast is a building with dome
That’s right! It’s the Capitol, where a**holes do roam.

There is a House, and a Senate too!
Where all the reps sit, plotting how to screw you.

If you are not rich, if you don’t have money,
They simply don’t care ‘til it’s voting time, sonny!

They argue and squabble, they tack crap on bills,
They can’t work together, not even for thrills!

So when they don’t come to agreements of sorts,
One man steps in, and their efforts he thwarts.

Executive Order! Screw process and facts
The President knows that his pen has his back!

And where does he live, our nation’s great leader?
In a giant house, that has it’s own greeters.

It’s not only greeters, but armed bodyguards too.
He is protected but wants to steal guns from you.

In roundabout ways without even a blink,
Our leaders hand weapons to rebels on the brink.

They are on the brink due to governments collapsing.
Something we’ve helped with, without them even asking.

We simply show up and send off our troops
Our young men and women pulled from their home stoops.

The checks and balances planned no longer work.
Our troops are sent over based on sideways smirks.

The political game has changed quite a bit
From what the Founding Fathers put in our writ.

We elect representatives in all our great states
Who are supposed to take our interests to the Capitol’s gates.

Instead they take recesses and all these long breaks.
They need to do their jobs and clean up our lakes.

Clean up our towns, our oceans and roads.
We don’t want to hear that they all fault their foes.

Our reps on the Hill disagree and they fight
Useless arguments while ignoring our plight.

Currently people are likely to find
Politicians’ minions biding their time.

And just what is it that these men await?
Only new scandals to throw on our plate.

These scandals are numerous with no real use,
Aside from distracting us from the real news.

And although it is lies politicians do tell,
They do it through media so it‘s perceived well

And don’t get me started on newscasters and such
They’re blood-sucking fools who do nothing but rush

They rush through a story, speculation abounds
They are mostly wrong, but the ratings are found

It’s all in the ratings, who cares ‘bout the truth!
Ban guns! More debt! Who needs a real sleuth?

News stories are junk, human interest and the like.
What we need is real stories, like the unemployment hike.

Politicians (like newscasters) don’t understand the masses,
Come voting season, let’s hand them their a**es.

Unfortunately many wear rose-colored glasses,
And for those with eyes open, there are no greener grasses.

It is all the same from here to Nantucket
Politicians suck. So The Hill? F**k it.

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