Voting day is rapidly approaching

i-voted-stickerThis is just a friendly reminder to everyone that voting day is rapidly approaching! It is our right to vote, but it is also our responsibility to be prepared. Do your research! Not only the candidates (voting blind is not the way to go), but also on your state’s voting guidelines. This is important, as many states do require some form of ID to cast your vote. Do not wait until the last minute to find out what you need to take to the polls, look it up now, get your things in order, do your candidate research, and be fully prepared to cast an educated vote at the polls on November 4th!

For your convenience (and to ensure there are no excuses), has a great and updated list of voting requirements by state.

When voting, always be sure to check your votes prior to hitting that button to cast your final vote (especially on a touchscreen voting machine). There have been problems with touchscreen machines for years, and this year is no different. An article from has an example of this very issue:

Imagine going to the polls and using a touchscreen voting machine to cast your ballot and as you select your choice, you notice it was flipped to something else. That’s exactly what happened to State Representative candidate Jim Moynihan earlier this week.

Moynihan, a republican candidate for the 56th house district, tells Illinois News Network his vote on a touch screen voting machine was initially being tabulated for his democrat opponent.

Don’t be turned away at the polls, cast a fully educated vote and make it count!

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