10 Great Uses for Pill Bottles

pill-bottle-sewing-kitHave any old pill bottles laying around (even ones from your pets)? If so, think twice before throwing them away, as there are many great uses for pill bottles. Pill bottles are water proof, small, and if you already have them, they’re free! What better way to create small, personalized preparedness kits than with free items you already have around the house? We have 10 uses here… Though I’m sure there are more!

  1. Sewing Kit– a pill bottle has more than enough room to hold two or three needles, thread, a needle threader (if you need one), a few buttons (I like to keep at least one jeans buttons on hand), safety pins, thimble (necessary if you may be repairing thick fabric), etc.
  2. Match Holder– pill bottles are water proof and therefore make a great container for holding matches and keeping them dry.
  3. Small First Aid Kit– a few band aids, some gauze, two doses of headache medicine, and a small amount of antibiotic cream is all that’s needed for a small kit that will fit in your pocket.
  4. Keep Ammo Dry– you can fit quite a bit of ammo in a small pill bottle and it will stay dry and be available when you need it.
  5. Store Batteries– batteries are no good if they’re corroded. If you keep a bag in your car or carry one with you regularly, storing your batteries in an old pill bottle will keep them dry and ensure they will work when you need them.
  6. Fishing Kit– fishing line, two or three hooks, one or two small weights, and two or three lures.
  7. Small Scale Survival Kit– three matches, safety pins, striker strip, antibiotic cream (in a straw sealed at both ends), fishing line, a fishing hook, 1 weight, duct tape (this can be wrapped around the bottle to save room in it), tin foil, band aids, anything else small you want to add.
  8. Used Sharps Container – store used needles, lancets, blood test strips, etc. until you are able to safely dispose of them. This is especially convenient if traveling (or anticipating traveling) with someone who requires such items.
  9. Seed Holder – collect and store your seeds in a neat and organized fashion at the end of growing season.
  10. Store Spices – store dried spices and herbs in used pill bottles. This will save you a lot of money as you won’t have to buy spice containers, and if you use the pill bottles that have a smaller diameter, they will fit perfectly on/in most conventional spice racks.

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