Activities and Fun

Scared children make a stressful situation exponentially worse. If you have children, you need to plan for their sanity as well as your own. Obviously, if you are staying at home when SHTF, your children will have all their usual toys, but you need to consider the possibility of having to leave. Though that possibility is not ideal, it is entirely possible that you will need to leave and you will have limited space for all your supplies, of which food, water, clothing, etc. will be of paramount importance. It is important that you know your children. What are their two or three favorite toys? You know, the ones they absolutely can’t live without. Learn what those toys are and be prepared to grab them on your way out. Happy children are more relaxed and tend to go with the flow much easier than children who are missing their favorite stuffed animal.
We have a large supply of unopened crayons and coloring books. These are easily transportable, fit into a small area, and can be used to do more than just color. I always try to remember to allow my imagination to run wild. Even us parents can act like children sometimes. The pages of a coloring book can become paper airplanes, origami figures, fortune tellers (you know you remember those, with the numbers on the outside flaps), tic-tac-toe boards… the possibilities for paper and crayons are endless.
We also have a wind-up radio with a USB port for charging electrical devices. Though it’s a bit of a pain to wind it for the amount of time needed to give anything a good charge, an extra hour on a handheld game could mean time for us parents to figure out what our next step will be.
Children can make a SHTF scenario scarier than it would otherwise be. The thought of having to take care of children without the usual amenities and with hostile, unprepared people roaming around is a very scary thought. Their safety is number one. But while looking out for their health and safety, don’t forget to have fun with them and to let them have fun. Even though a situation may be dire, kids still need to run around and get their energy out; they still need constant hugs and love. Be aware of your stress level in an emergency and be aware of how it affects your children’s wellbeing.

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