And so the Google insanity continues…

It appears that there are certain classes taken online that REQUIRE a Google account to earn full credit for all work done. Seriously?

So in order to get full credit for every assignment, one must agree to a privacy policy that has nothing to do with the university? I find this to be appalling and it angers me to the Nth degree. I do not understand how this could possibly be a classroom requirement. What does Google Docs have to do with anything? What if a student has his or own collaboration site hosted on his or her own server? Is that good enough to show that a student knows how to share things? Not to mention this is all done through an online school, where documents are uploaded for the instructor to see all the time. Is that not also proof enough that a student knows how to upload a document and share it with another person?

At what point does it end? At what point is it enough?

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