Caffeine and Nicotine in an Emergency Scenario

I honestly haven’t seen much on the topic of caffeine and nicotine in an emergency scenario. We can really use any possible scenario to outline the importance of considering caffeine and nicotine addictions ahead of time… a major hurricane, when we might be stuck where we are for days, a viral outbreak, when just running to the local grocery store could prove fatal, the possibilities for the scenario are endless. But preparing is not.

If caffeine or nicotine are currently part of your daily (or hourly for some) routine, there are most definitely things to consider in terms of being prepared. Do you know what the withdrawal symptoms for caffeine and nicotine are? Not so hot when you need to be able to focus and think straight.

Caffeine Withdrawal Symptoms (source: National Headache Foundation):
• Headache
• Sleepiness/drowsiness
• Impaired concentration/lassitude/work difficulty
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Irritability
• Nausea/vomiting
• Muscle aches/stiffness

Nicotine Withdrawal Symptoms (source: Web MD):
• Headache
• Nausea
• Constipation or diarrhea
• Falling heart rate and blood pressure
• Fatigue, drowsiness, and insomnia
• Irritability
• Difficulty concentrating
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Increased hunger and caloric intake
• Increased desire for the taste of sweets
• Tobacco cravings

Those withdrawal symptoms don’t exactly lend themselves to assisting you in being able to get things done, keep a clear mind, and stay focused, now do they? Absolutely not! So what can we do if we’re drinking 5 cups of coffee a day now, or smoking one to two packs of cigarettes?

The obvious go-to answer is to quit. But I know that’s more easily said than done. So what else can we do? As you’re looking through your stockpile of goodies, food, medicine, firearms and ammo, do you have caffeine pills? Do you have nicotine patches? These things can assist us in slowly weaning ourselves from coffee and cigarettes. Quitting slowly can help lessen withdrawal symptoms, making it easier to keep your head about you. But in order to this, you need to have the proper supplies.

Let’s talk about nicotine patches. There are a few different brands, there are name brands, like Nicoderm CQ and generic brands (I know CVS has one of their own). I honestly don’t think it matters which you go with as long as you keep in mind the obvious possibility that stocking up on these things may be imperative to your health and safety when it hits. If you can’t get a smoke, you very well may be irritable, emotional, and semi stupid in your thinking. This is not good when it hits.

Just something to consider, as insane amounts of money are spent on items we may never need and don’t know how to use… spend some money on items you will need that could keep you in a good place, with a level head, when you need it most. Be smart. If you can’t quit now, be aware of future possibilities and prepare for being forced to quit via universal happenings.

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