hard-candyMaintaining a good stock of food is something many people who are preparing for anything do regularly. First in, first out, maintain a certain level of storage, replace items as they are eaten. This is all normal prepping food storage. But what about comfort foods?

An awesome example of this is a simple question my 7 year old asked me a few weeks ago, when I was arranging new canned items on our shelving unit. He looked up and down the shelves, got close to a few items, and then he asked (very seriously) “where’s the candy?”

Candy? What candy? I had protein, carbs, and basics. There was no candy. Needless to say, my son was not happy with there being no candy. He said that was silly, and what about dessert, and what if he wants just one piece of candy because he really likes it, and he “needs it to live.” Obviously his last justification for having candy around is an exaggeration, but it did make the need for a few comfort foods stand out to me.

The next day I went out and purchased about $10 worth of hard candies. If stored properly, hard candies can last a really long time, and it’s not as if I bought them for the nutritional value anyway, so the nutrients (if there even are any) can deteriorate all they want, as long as the candy doesn’t actually go bad and mold or something.

Now that I have a variety of hard candies in my food stock, my son said he feels better… Knowing we always have a little treat for him if he would like one (and he’s eaten his dinner first of course!).

Having our child feel more comfortable about the items we have and what we do for our stoma is extremely important to me. Not only does he notice when things are running low in terms of food, he also now lets me know when toiletries are running low. He’s not always super specific, but he will say “mom, I think we used to have more stuff on that top shelf in the closet upstairs.” I find this extremely helpful, as it is difficult to run a household, keep things clean, do the cooking, and keep track of the quantities of every item in the house. Having some assistance is awesome! The more of my son’s stock suggestions I take, the more involved and helpful he becomes. He’s even been known to help me coupon on occasion!

It really doesn’t get any better than this… And all for a few pieces of candy!

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