Canning Over the Weekend

mason-jars-for-canningI spent a few hours over the weekend dry canning rice, pressure canning carrots, and hot water bath canning homemade applesauce. All said and done, I did not put a whole lot of time into my canning this weekend, but I ended up with 15 quarts of canned dry rice, 6 pints of carrots and 5 pints of applesauce. There honestly would have been more applesauce, but it’s really good so we ate some and put some in the refrigerator for immediate consumption.

As I continue with my preparations and canning, I will post general information, recipes and tips to help get others into the groove of doing the same. The one thing I absolutely love about canning things myself is that I know exactly what’s in each jar because I put it there myself. There’s no high fructose corn syrup, no unnecessary sweeteners, and I can pronounce every ingredient! Incredible, right?

Let’s get canning!


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