Compact AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio

eton-radioIf you’re looking for an awesome and small weather band, AM/FM radio with flashlight that charges both via solar and winding, this Etón Microlink Self-Powered AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio with Flashlight, Solar Power and Cell Phone Charger is a great buy! I own two of these and we use them all the time when the power goes out. There’s also a small port for USB to charge electronics.

I have tested the charger, and though it does work, I also own other external batteries that charge things faster. This items is less for the charging capabilities and more for the flashlight, NOAA weather radio and regular AM/FM radio features.

When I purchased this, I could only get it in red, though I see now there are also color options of blue and black. I personally prefer the red, as it’s easy to see and harder to lose (and I tend to lose everything, so a bright color is a bonus for me).

A downside I encountered is that one of the two that I purchased did have an issue with the flashlight on/off button. I pulled the button out and took a look and the issue was the rubber not being centered properly on the plastic button piece underneath. After messing with it for a few minutes I got the rubber re-centered and it now works fine. Minor issue for something I’ve since used in multiple power out scenarios.

If you’re looking for a compact AM/FM/NOAA weather radio, this is a great one to have with you!

Product Info:

  • AM (520-1710 KHz) and FM (87-108MHz)
  • NOAA weatherband – all 7 channels
  • Built-in 3 white LED light source
  • Powered by solar or dynamo both of which charge internal Ni-MH battery
  • USB cell phone charger

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