Cooking from the Stockpile

canned-foodOh no! I’m going to actually USE the items in my basement store! A lot of people do discuss first in, first out when it comes to food storage, but I have also seen people try to store tons of food and never touch it. Cooking from the stockpile is super important when it comes to keeping things organized, making sure you like things, etc. We try to eat through the food we store to make sure there’s always room for what we buy next (I tend to restock items big time when they’re on super sale), and to make sure nothing spoils.

Use that canned food consistently…

Canned food can last quite a long time, but it still needs to be monitored to make sure nothing expires unnecessarily. While we are able to restock, we like to keep the freshest items we can on the back of each shelf. I also like to make sure our kids actually like the canned food I purchase before I buy a ton of it during a sale. I think it’s important to make sure everyone likes the items being stocked. I know if it ever came down to it, we would all eat whatever we could to sustain ourselves. But until then, I want us all to be as comfortable as possible in terms of our food choices to ensure we keep our bodies healthy, which will help us keep our heads in an emergency situation. I also don’t want to deal with the kids complaining on day 5 of a SHTF scenario… if I can hold that off for several months, it would be great!

Don’t forget about everything in the freezer…

Another item some people stock is frozen food. When it comes to frozen food, I definitely have my limits and cook with what we have all the time. Why should I pay for beef when I have awesome venison? We also keep a few 2 liter bottles of ice in our freezer. This helps give us more time to cook, eat, or dry out any meat before it goes bad. (I made some great venison jerky the other day… check it out here)

One of the most awesome things we like to make from our stockpile is venison stew. It’s a simple crockpot meal, just the meat, flavor, carrots (we used carrots we canned here at the house), onions (can use dried onions if you dry your own), any other vegetables you and yours like, and a little flour to thicken it. I know a lot of people add the flour when first adding all the ingredients to the stew, but I have found that pulling out abut 2 or 3 cups of liquid about an hour before it’s done, adding flour, whisking it until it’s smooth, then adding it back in works best for me. Otherwise I feel like the flour dampens the overall flavor somehow. I put this all over rice that I dry canned last year and our meal was complete. Kid Approved! Couldn’t ask for more!

Keep in mind…

For a food store to be of any use, the food needs to be good. Rotate your food. Eat the oldest of the food first. And most definitely do not waste your time and hard earned money on food nobody in your family likes!!

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