Duct Tape Fixes Everything!

duct-tapeI have heard so many people say that duct tape fixes everything. It’s funny to hear it said, but it’s also a very useful item… for just about everything. When considering how many things duct tape can be used for, is it any surprise that many people recommend having quite a bit of it on hand?

Duct tape uses:

  • Fixing ducts (the obvious one)
  • Tent or tarp repair
  • Creating rope (lots of great uses for rope!)
  • Quick repair of windows or screens
  • Mark a trail on trees as you go hiking in unmarked territory to be able to find your way back
  • Using another material (like gauze or a tissue), make a bandage
  • Make a wallet (not really helpful in a SHTF plan, but it’s something fun the kids can do!)
  • Fix a leaky boat, not for long term, but in the short run
  • Fix shoes or make emergency sandals
  • Create a cup or water storage on the fly

For more ideas and just for fun, check out the MythBusters episode all about duct tape! It’s a good watch!

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