Flights Still Allowed from Ebola-Stricken Nations

Why we are continuing to allow incoming flights from Ebola-stricken nations is a question on many American’s minds. Containing the outbreak is of utmost importance, and securing our borders and stopping flights from affected African nations as other countries have done is a step we should be taking. So why aren’t we?

As of today, the decision has been made to change the screening of passengers from affected nations. Per The Washington Post:

Travelers originating in West African countries will be given questionnaires and have their temperatures taken at these U.S. airports, a federal official said Wednesday.

The heightened screening measures will be rolled out as soon as possible, the official said, perhaps as soon as this weekend. But the details of exactly how this would be implemented remain unclear, with the details under discussion at the White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For more on the issue of a flight ban not being in place, here is a great video from AMTV (Alternative Media TV). I absolutely love this YouTube channel and took a look at the AMTV website recently too. The website includes a lot of videos (all of which can also be found on the YouTube channel), links to radio shows, etc. Check out the site for other videos when you have time, and in the meantime, watch this video on current air travel… very interesting!

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