Are Your Pets Prepped?

dog-pictureYes, your pets, and in some cases (like mine) your other children. Are you fully prepared for their needs should something happens that requires you to stay put or leave immediately? If not, it is certainly something to consider.

When people talking about prepping for a worst case scenario, beans, bullets and bandaids come up as no-brainers. But what about our pets? We’ve spent some money to stockpile everything we need for ourselves, our significant others, our children, and possible other family members that may show up with nothing. But when it comes to our little guys, what have we done? The amount of food you have for yourself and your family is the same amount of food you should stock for your beloved pet. Be it 3 weeks, a month, or a year, your entire family is not yet prepared if you haven’t considered your pets.

Another thing to consider when it comes to your pets is medication. For example, my awesomely huge chihuahuas (no joke, they each weigh over 12 pounds and they are NOT overweight for their size) take heartworm medication every month. That is something that I do not want to stop administering in the event of an emergency. I can get it from my vet in 6 month quantities, but my vet also has no problem giving me 2 years’ worth at a time. Two years worth of heartworm medication isn’t really all that much when we consider the other money we’ve spent on preparing.

Food is another issue when it comes to your pets. Do they have particular dietary needs? Do they only eat one kind of food? Whatever food your dog eats and loves is what you should be stocking. Dog food often goes on sale… sales can be paired with coupons… when combined, a coupon on top of a sale can make dog food a much less expensive purchase. When buying dog food, especially dry food, remember to use safe storage practices just like you would with your own dry food. Repackage it in food grade buckets or dry can it if you prefer that method. Whatever you do, be aware that dogs cannot just sit back and eat people food (as much as they want to, they can’t). They need their own food, balanced to their particular needs.

Think ahead, be smart, and stock. The last thing you need if you’re quarantined to your own property is to run out of dog food. Not only does that force you to deal with a dead family member, it also forces the rest of your family and your children to deal with it. This is something that is absolutely not needed and 100% avoidable if you plan ahead.

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