Prepping the Body with Healthy Food

homemade-health-foodWhile I do realize that a large part of prepping for any disaster is having the necessary supplies to make it through the thick of things, another area of prepping involves healthy eating. Not only do your shelves need to be stocked with beans, bandaids and bullets, your body also needs to have the initial healthy fuel required to keep a level head in the onset of an emergency.

This requires a healthy, preferably homemade diet of items you also store in bulk. A website that is new to the Internet scene, Homemade Heath Food, is a one-woman (me) site aimed at cooking healthy meals for the family utilizing fresh or canned ingredients that are currently easy to come by. The site strives to make fairly simple meals in quantities that allow for a dinner AND a lunch, or a breakfast that takes less than 5 minutes to prepare but keeps someone from being hungry for hours.

In our current world it is just too easy to cut corners when it comes to food. Eating healthy enables us to keep a level head and focus on important tasks at hand. Maintaining a healthy diet is often forgotten when it comes to prepping, but if S does HTF, we all need to have our minds and bodies in order ahead of time, and eating healthy will help.

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