Prices are going up (sigh)

As most of you Have probably noticed by now, food prices are on the rise everywhere. The grocery bill for my family of four was almost double this past week than it was a month ago. Double! Can you believe it?
So, when your grocery bill doubles, what do you do? It’s really very simple if you have been prepping… eat some of your storage. I know several people who have been eating out of their storage and it’s enabling them to continue without falling into complete distress. Granted, some of us who are having to bite into our storage don’t have the money right now to replace it as we eat it like we usually would, but at least we have something.

I know many people, myself included, who not only store canned goods and grains and such, but also dehydrated foods. Now, when prices are up across the board, is a great time to make sure you know what you’re doing with all the food you have. Not everyone who has cans of dehydrated food knows just how much water it takes to rehydrated a serving. It can be a lot, depending on the food. While prices are up at grocery store, try out some of the foods you have stored, note the water each type of food needs, note prep time, cook time, etc. Doing this may make you rethink some of the items you have in your food store.

Do you really have enough water to drink and rehydrate a meal? If not, are you going to get more water? How much more? Do you have space for all of that? Actually trying to use your store of food will bring many issues to light that you may not have previously considered. One thing I know is that my family likes a few of the TVP “meats”, but they need a lot of water. To fill in the water gap, I drain cans of the vegetables we are having with dinner into the TVP as the water it needs, eliminating the need to actually use drinking water. Though I do have tap water, it’s good to know which cans of vegetables contain enough water to make however many servings of TVP I need for the night. Since I am still buying extra canned goods when I am able, I now know which ones can help complete a meal without me then needing water.

Are you using your food storage? If not, try it. At least a little. Make sure you really do have the items you actually need, and just a bunch of junk that happened to be on sale. It’s hard to go wrong giving it a shot when the grocery bill is through the roof!

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