Purchasing Canned Fruits and Vegetables

canned-green-beansCanned fruits and vegetables are fairly cheap and easy to stock up on. When I purchase canned fruits and vegetables, I always label them with the expiration date myself. The expiration dates are usually printed on either the top or bottom of each can, but when stored on a shelf, it’s much easier to use the first in, first out eating method when I can clearly see the expiration date and don’t have to pick up each can to check it.

When out shopping and purchasing canned fruits and vegetables, never be afraid to stand at the canned goods section for several minutes going through expiration dates. Oftentimes grocery stores use the same first in, first out method to stock their shelves. The cans with the latest expiration dates very well may be at the back of the shelf. Spend your money wisely and search through the cans to find the latest expiration date possible.

One of the benefits of purchasing some extra cans of fruits and vegetables for your food preps is that many of them are canned IN WATER. This means that the can of vegetables itself provides some of the water required for cooking whatever you may be serving with the vegetables. A great example of this is green beans or carrots added to Ramen noodles. If I make a pack of noodles and make the decision to add green beans or carrots to the noodles after they’ve cooked, then I can open the can of vegetables, use the water (possibly with just a little more water added) to cook the noodles, then add the vegetables and I have a meal that is more healthy and contains more nutrients than the noodles alone.

Always store your canned goods properly and store them with organization in mind. Having a good food rotation system is of utmost importance when storing food for any long term purpose. The cans with the shortest shelf life should be at the front and the ones you grab to use first.

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