Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Hearing those three words reminds me of grade school, when those words were written on posters plastered all over the walls. If you haven’t been recycling, have no fear! You can start right now!

How many two liter bottles have you thrown away in the last month? Because each of those could hold two liters of WATER. Something you cannot survive without in a post collapse world. I’m just saying. Two liter bottles are great storage containers for water. And if you already purchased the soda or whatever, then why not reuse the bottle? Hello! You did already pay for it! Use it! We keep ours, I wash them out, fill them up, and store them somewhere cool and dry.

How about cardboard? Do you go through food boxes and throw them all away? Recycle them! If there’s a box I can consolidate things into easily (especially shoe boxes), I always keep them. I label them very clearly and fill them with whatever I need to. Our medical supplies is VERY organized because of my box saving skills. I got mad skillz (ha). Having shelves and shelves of medical supplies or other such supplies is great. But if you can’t find anything when you need it, frustration abounds. Organize things for free when you can. Save those boxes!

What about other plastic containers? You know, sour cream containers, butter tubs, etc. Plastic containers are great for just about everything! I rarely buy tupperware anymore. There’s no reason to when I have all the plastic containers I already bought! For prepping, these containers are fantastic. Many of them are easily stackable, some are completely air tight, and best of all, I already paid for them!

Being a prepper is more than just gathering as much of everything as possible. It’s also about being smart with the things you purchase. Reuse things. Create storage space out of wasted space in your home. Be smart about what you buy, when you buy it, and how much you buy. And always recycle every container you can. In a post SHTF world, there won’t be any factories pumping out more containers. What you have WHEN IT HITS is what you’re stuck with.

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