Spring is Coming – Time to Start Seedlings

tomato-plantThere may be snow on the ground across a lot of the nation, but it is time to start thinking about spring planting. Starting seeds indoors is a great way to give plants an edge when it comes to growing them outside later on.

Why start seeds indoors before planting weather fully starts? A great article on this topic can be found at Renee’s Garden. Within the article, she explains some reasons for starting plants indoors:

We often need to give plants a critical head start by germinating and growing seedlings in the warm indoors in early spring. Then when it warms up outdoors in late spring, we can plant out sturdy, well-established seedlings to bear fruit before cold weather sets in. Favorites like tomatoes and peppers are both plants that need a long warm growing period to set and ripen a good crop. Except in the most tropical areas, all U.S. summers are too short for them to complete their fruiting cycles before summers end if started directly in the ground, since seeds won’t germinate until frosts have ended and weather warms up.

There’s no need to cut the growing season short for any plant when starting seeds indoors is such an easy task. I have started my seeds on a workbench by a window where the temperature does not fluctuate much during the winter and the plants get plenty of sunlight throughout the day. I have started both tomatoes and peppers, along with a few other plants. All the plants will be moved outdoors to my garden once spring hits.

Giving these plants a good head start will help them take root once transplanted, make it easier to keep bugs and other things from eating the seeds before they have a chance to start growing, and ensure I can get the most fruits and vegetables out of each plant by giving them the full length growing season required.
For information on how to start seedlings indoors, check out this article from Organic Gardening for more information. It’s not a difficult thing to do and if eating from your own organic garden is much better for you and your family than purchasing GMO items at the store!

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