Stocking up on Medical Supplies for Cheap

assured-cold-medicineMedical supplies is something a lot of people like to be stocked up on, not just for possible future emergencies or disasters, but because we all use medical supplies a lot throughout the year. I know some medical supplies can be extremely expensive, and I know a lot of people tend to purchase very specific brands of items when it comes to medical supplies. But in all honesty, a bandaid is a bandaid. As long as it sticks and comes in the proper clean packaging, maintaining personal brand specifications will only cost more money without much benefit.

A great place to get some medical items (including medicines that compare to DayQuil, Robitussin, etc.) is the dollar store. I know it sounds odd, but the products contain the same active ingredients as the name brands, and they’re only a dollar. Granted, the packages do not contain as much of the medicines or bandaids or whatever else, but when the math is done, it’s cheaper to purchase some medical items at the dollar store.

I made a trip to our local dollar store with my family the other day and we purchased quite a bit of medical supplies. Our dollar store had ace bandages, knee and ankle braces, instant cold packs, antibiotic ointment, hand sanitizer (over the 60% alcohol needed to be effective), bandaids, cough and cold medicine, children’s cough and cold medicine, and many more needed items. Though we did purchase a lot of items, we spent way less than we would have purchasing name brand or other store brands.

Stocking up on medical supplies for cheap is important, as medical supplies are always needed, especially in an emergency situation. As always, if purchasing medications check the expiration dates and purchase the medication with the latest expiration date.

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