The at-home medic

In a SHTF scenario, one of the first things people will need and not be able to get is medical attention. When there are thousands of people begging for medical help, resources run out almost immediately.

It is for this reason that my prepping goes beyond just food and water and does include all the necessary items to treat medical issues at home. I am not a doctor, but I have taken many classes on general wound care and other types of simple medical trainings. Many communities have very cheap (or free) training classes for a variety of medical practices. In my opinion, everyone should know basic CPR. Everyone should know basic cut and wound care. Everyone should know what a splint does and how to make/use one. If there are classes in your area, I suggest you take them.

In prepping for whatever may come, my husband and I have gathered a variety of medical supplies. We have gauze, bandages, tongue depressors (have about a million and one uses), peroxide, alcohol (both rubbing and drinking), an assortment of OTC medications, and anything else we could think of we may need. Keeping a store of these items is important to do along with food. We use our medical supplies all the time for ourselves an our kids. But like food, it is important to keep adding to it. You need to keep track of what you have, what you still need, and what you use the most.

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