The Holidays are Over and Food is Cheap

Happy Holidays everyone! Now that Christmas is over, (and of course Thanksgiving is long over), the big food holidays are done. I know, we still have New Years, but that’s more about the booze than the food, so it doesn’t count. Since the holidays are over, many grocery stores now have their canned goods on sale. Massive sales here people!

I am going to the store today to stock up on the things my family eats. The mixed vegetables, the fruits, the Vienna sausages, tuna, etc. It’s almost 2011, so I’m now searching through the cans on the shelves for the ones with expiration dates sometime in 2013. Six month ago, I was searching for 2012, but now my family is using those, and it’s time to add another year to the expiration dates.

Remember to get a variety of things, but keep it to the items your family will actually use. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, fifty cans of beets that we won’t eat are useless. So don’t buy the things you can’t (or won’t) use. Canned meats are also something I try to keep a good store of. Protein is important, and the meats will provide the protein, as well as fat, that will be needed to keep your body rolling in a SHTF scenario.

So again, Happy Holidays, and happy shopping!

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