The Importance of Reading the News

The news is definitely something we all must pay attention to in this crazy, every-changing world. Reading the paper, watching the news, and paying attention to what others are discussing at the office or in line at the grocery store are all absolutely necessary for survival preparedness. Get yourself used to paying attention to all forms of information that come your way. It is imperative that you be abreast of every possible situation that could end up becoming the future.

Many people already read the news. But have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone about every section of the newspaper? I mean, go through it, section by section, discussing bits and pieces from each area of a paper. With many people, having a conversation that crosses into multiple areas of the news is virtually impossible. People don’t read all of the news. Many people don’t go beyond a few sections they find interesting. In my opinion, reading only what you are interested in is a mistake. I am not particularly interested in many areas of news, but I at least skim through everything, glean the main points, and try to educate myself on all the main topics I see, at least to the point of being able to hold an intelligent conversation with someone on most topics. Keeping up with all areas of the news and understanding what’s going on all over the world is very important. How can someone even know what possibilities to prepare for without knowing at least a little bit about everything that’s going on?

I also mentioned earlier about paying attention to people when you’re in lines and whatnot. I know listening to people around you at the grocery store sounds rude, as if eavesdropping, but the truth is, the most important information for possible future scenarios (at least in my mind) is the feelings and fears of the general population. In a SHTF scenario, the government and all military personnel would immediately do their best to get the situation under control, maintain (or reassume) command, and get everything “back to normal”. That would either take them a minimal amount of time, or be impossible due to the overwhelming insanity of… the general public. If such a scenario were to arise in which our government could not maintain control, the general population would begin living by “every man for himself” and things would rapidly fall apart. It is at this moment in time that I would feel grateful for my previous eavesdropping, as I now understand, from simply listening to everyone, everywhere, what people’s fears were prior to this collapse, making it easier for me to imagine what they could all be capable of after the collapse. Being prepared for what others are capable of is extremely important. I have listened to old women discuss their arsenals at Walmart. I have heard teenagers talk about their already violent and obnoxious gangs… can you imagine how quickly gang mentality would spread post-SHTF? I can, and it’s not pretty. Nor is it something I want to be unprepared for.

So, now that I read all the news and pay attention to what I hear all around me, how do I prepare? There are many ways to prepare. For a SHTF scenario and how to prepare, it’s difficult, maybe impossible, to just write “do the following” and insert a list of things to do. This is because there are just so many possibilities and so many things that could go wrong in this world, at any moment. So for me, right now, I am preparing by getting my house in order (downsizing to make room for actual necessities), gathering supplies I actually need (food, water, fire power, etc), and reading up on reactions to expect from different areas of our government and different types of people in different situations (there are all sorts of articles on these types of things out there). I feel that educating myself in any area I think may be of use to my family in a SHTF scenario, followed by gathering the most necessary supplies for each of those areas is the best way for me to keep organized and ensure I don’t waste my time and money gathering things that I would never be able to utilize because I haven’t learned how. I try to keep things as simple as possible, with as little time and money wasted as possible.

Preparing for a SHTF scenario and what may come after it is very difficult. It is also very personal. My main suggestion here is to get used to gleaning as much information from every source possible all the time. We cannot possibly be prepared if we don’t see it coming at all.

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