The Zombie Apocalypse

It’s interesting to run through all the possible SHTF scenarios that people have come up with. My favorite, of course, is the Zombie Apocalypse. Now, I’ve had many of my friends say it makes no sense to think about the rise of the zombies and that it could never happen. I’m not saying I disagree with my friends, however, if you are prepared for zombies, you are most likely prepared for anything.

The thought of the dead walking around trying to eat your flesh, the full breakdown of society that follows that first zombie death moan, the impossibility of any government holding them back (per the movies), and the knowledge that once everything falls, it is every man for himself and resources will be hard to come by makes this scenario an ideal one to prepare for.

So, what do you need to be prepared for this? Guns. Obviously. We know that from the movies. Though I often question the particular guns used in movies, it is apparent that you must have an arsenal at your disposal to make it through the insanity that is the zombie apocalypse. Ammo. Again, very obvious. If you have guns without ammo, they are completely useless. Keeping a good supply of ammunition on hand for each gun you own is very important. Maintaining your guns is also a must. Keep them clean and rust-free to ensure they will continue to fire when the hoards arrive at your doorstep. Keeping multiple guns in multiple calibers is also a good idea. When the zombies have eaten your neighbors and you manage to get out of your home alive to scavenge, you don’t want to be going through fifty boxes of ammunition trying to find the one and only caliber you have guns in. That is a waste of time and a waste of resources. Now I know what some people may be thinking here… if my neighbor has this caliber, then there must be a gun around here somewhere that will shoot it. Not necessarily. That gun could be long gone by the time you manage to get there, so don’t count on finding the gun to go with the ammo. It will be much easier if you just have the gun and chance finding the ammo once you run out of your supply.

What else do you need? Food. Water. First Aid. Collecting and maintaining a good supply of food and water for the zombie apocalypse is the same process as for any other SHTF scenario. Lots of canned goods. First in, first out. Water storage, water collection, etc. First aid, on the other hand, becomes a bit more comprehensive with a zombie apocalypse. As we all know, once bit by a zombie, you are screwed. There is no going back once bitten. So why bother with first aid if you’re done once bitten? What if you cut yourself up real bad running and need to stitch up your own leg? It may happen, and you can’t afford to be the slow one. You must be able to fix minor scrapes to avoid infection, splint broken bones, sew up large gashes, etc. You have to be able to keep moving in a zombie apocalypse, and you can’t do it if you’re injured and have improper medical supplies. So your first aid must be very comprehensive. Your kit also needs to have some things you may not associate with first aid. Some really good ropes, some alcohol, and a solid hammer. Those three things will save your life when your buddy gets bitten by a zombie and you tell him you are going to tie him down and give him alcohol to operate on his arm. Once tied down and drunk, the hammer will come to good use. In a zombie apocalypse, the bitten are doomed. At least if they have some alcohol in them, it will be easier for all to deal with.

So continue prepping… the hoards could be closer than you think…

  • BigE

    I just want everyone to keep in mind the single most important less I came away with in ZombieLand:

    Rule #2: DoubleTap.

    ’nuff said…

  • I couldn’t agree more!

    Last year, when the wife and I were on vacation in The Outback, we stumbled across an area full a them suckers… Luckily, we had just finished a bit of skeet shooting and had our 20-guages along. Every time we plugged one in the head, they’d just get back up and keep a-comin’. The 2nd shot really seemed to do it – try and make that 2nd shot in the stomach or above the neckline, seems to be the kicker.

    And for The Lord’s sake, don’t forget Rule #1: Aerobics!

    ZK out.

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