Trash Bag Uses When it Hits

trash-bagsI know this may sound odd, but trash bags are super important to have in a SHTF scenario. Especially considering the possibility of a viral outbreak, which would in turn mean isolation and quarantine, trash bags are massively important!

What are trash bag uses? Here’s a list… if you have any more, please feel free to let us all know in the comments!

  • Trash (obviously)
  • Solar still
  • Makeshift poncho
  • Mattress (or insulation), when stuffed with leaves and other soft materials, this would be a great thing to try when camping
  • Bodily waste (and pet waste) collection, not the most pleasant of things to consider, but where are you going to put it all in a SHTF scenario?
  • Sealing windows and doors, when paired with duct tape, could be very important
  • Shelter
  • Cordage, cut into strips
  • Ground cloth
  • Water storage/transport

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